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Working to give our growers access to the most accurate and advanced forms of testing available in agriculture. Putting to work the science and technology available today and applying it to your field.  Every test comes with an individual analysis of the report and how the different elements correlate with one another, to better understand what is happening in your field. Never guess or assume what any given problem is. Use the scientific data available to identify and address the issues in your field, let's apply them to your benefit!  

Complete Soil Analysis

The Soil Analysis is the basis for being able to understand any field. From a good soil test you can discover what nutrients are in your field, the availability of those nutrients and how they are interacting with each other. If you can understand your soil and get it functioning at a high level the possibilities are endless.

Tissue Analysis

To be able to grow the highest quality of crops efficiently, taking tissue samples throughout the growing season is critical. When we combine the results from the soil and tissue analysis we can begin to understand your field and how your plants are interacting with the soil. This allows us to address the real issues in your field and not just put a band-aid over the symptoms.

Microbial Analysis

There are two key parts to really determining the biological health of your soil. First, what is the strength of the microbial population? Second, what is the amount of food available to support the population? Combining the answers from these two questions gives the best overview of the microbial health of your soil available today.  

Aerial Imaging

By adding aerial imaging into our testing system we can be more precise with the plans that we are developing.  The days of grid sampling, taking samples from random areas and hoping that you get a good representation of the field is over. Aerial imaging maps differentiate within a given field, this allows us to sample from the correct areas to best identify problems and develop solutions.

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