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Biological Fertilizers

The biology of the soil changes with the season, Bacteria, Fungi, and Yeast. These all have a part to play throughout the growing season. We have a complete system of biological products that are designed to work in conjunction with one another and with the ever changing environment in the soil. Understanding the diversity in the soil can be a daunting task and we are here to help farmers understand this rapidly growing field.

Premium Nutrients

 We have an entire lineup of available nutrients specializing in plant ready materials so issues can be addressed fast; thus, providing the food that your plants want, when they need it. This is true precision agriculture. The form that your nutrition comes in can drastically effect the efficacy in the field. We strive to make sure the grower gets the best value every time.

Residue Management

After harvest there is typically an abundance of organic matter left on the field that has the potential to be converted back into usable nutrition.  This organic matter can be a significant source of many different nutrients but is lost if it is not broken down and converted back into the soil. In other words, we can take what is sitting on top of your ground and make it work for you,

Soil Penetrants


Salt Remediation

Issues with excessively high sodium and water penetration are becoming more and more common. There is now the ability to open up the ground and obtain better soil structure, chelating different elements into forms that are conducive to healthy soil. Therefore, we've created products that were designed specifically for situations that are becoming prevalent in the central valley.

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